ATDW is a national database that stores over 35,000 Australian tourism products. These products are then distributed on up to 60 websites which includes: and more!

These partner sites greatly increase your product’s exposure to potential customers. One listing can potentially showcase your product to hundreds of thousands of visitors per year from around the globe!

Some additional reasons to utilize your discounted or free ATDW listing include:

Listing on up to 60 websites Nation-wide (potential for your listing to be viewed by MILLIONS)

All business operators can maintain and update their listing at any time with their own logins

Ability to participate in Tourism and Events Queensland’s online and cooperative advertising

Inclusion in the Queensland iPhone app (downloaded over 100,000 times!)

Access to Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA) which allows your ATDW listing to be bookable online (all funds from online bookings are deposited directly into your bank account at the time of booking)

Downloadable monthly performance reports (analytical reports) which outline your top page views, key­words searched to find your listing, which of the 60 websites are displaying your product.

Get Started with ATDW

Subscription to ATDW is renewed by financial year and is a cost of $200. Members of GAPDL receive a $50 discount, or dependent on your level of partnership with GAPDL, ATDW subscription is provided at NO COST.

Already a GAPDL member but want to upload your ATDW listing? View the myATDW User Guides to help you get started!


To be included in the ATDW, your tourism business must provide a direct service or experience to the leisure tourist and operate within ONE of the following categories:








General Services

For further information on ATDW or help with completing a listing, please contact:

Brooke Thomassen | Digital Media and Events Officer
07 4972 4000 or