Whether you're moving interstate, or just to a new city - the thought of packing, moving and learning all about your new home can be very daunting. GAPDL would like to help make moving to the Gladstone Region as smooth and seamless as possible by providing all of the information and resources you'll need, in one location.

The Gladstone Region offers a range of infrastructure, amenities and services available to families, couple and singles.  From the large range of childcare & education, medical and recreational facilities, cafes, pubs and restaurants to Botanical Gardens, National Parks and stunning Natural Attractions.

The city of Gladstone is developed on hills overlooking the focal point of its economic development – the natural deepwater harbour. Gladstone already boasts an impressive harbour for its sizable recreational fleet; in fact the locals have the highest boat ownership per capita in Australia.

The $45 million East Shores – Gladstone Coal Exporters Maritime Precinct, provides a whole new waterside parkland for locals and visitors to enjoy the city’s home by the sea.
Gladstone residents also enjoy recreational opportunities from boating to fishing, diving on the Great Barrier Reef that lies offshore, or just enjoying the beaches within the Region. Now, Gladstone is celebrating its relationship with the sea, with both events and a new waterside parkland precinct currently being constructed.

This dynamic, modern city basks in a sub-tropical climate with islands, waterways and beaches providing year-round boating, fishing, swimming and surfing.  Gladstone offers access to Heron Island, Wilson Island and uninhabited coral cays.

Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Ltd (GAPDL) is the official Regional Tourism Organisation for the Gladstone Region and Banana Shire, providing a range of services to visitors via and once you arrive in our beautiful city.

There are many questions you might have before making the important decision to relocate to the Region, and below you will find all of our resources plus other important links which will be of assistance.

Should you require any further information or assistance, do not hesitate to contact GAPDL on 07 4972 4000 (business and investment) or our Gladstone Information Centre on 4972 9000.