The local economy is reliant and growing in diversity in the Gladstone Region. To progress development further, GAPDL actively promotes and advocate for the development of major projects as catalysts for future economic growth in the region.

Trunk Infrastructure Within The Gladstone State Development Area

The provision of trunk infrastructure (road and water) will serve as the catalyst to kick-start broad scale development and be the economic platform to drive growth in the Gladstone Region, Fitzroy and Central Queensland.

Port Access Rd (Stage 2 & 3)

Extension of the Port Access Road to improve transport efficiency and road safety alleviating the impact of large vehicles and hazardous good movements. The project will extend the existing Gladstone Port Access Road (Stage 1) west to Blain Drive (Stage 2). This improved road access will preserve the commercial value of the Port and thereby provide a direct return to the State.

CQ Motorsports Precinct

CQ Motorsports is the only multi-disciplinary motor sports facility in the Fitzroy Region that offers a great opportunity for development and growth of a variety of motor sport disciplines in Central Queensland. It is also fostering an emerging motorsport tourism experience within the Gladstone and Central Queensland Region.

Philip Street Communities Precinct

Stage 1: Construction of the Philip Street Child and Family Centre located within the Philip Street Communities Precinct. Project identified as the highest priority social infrastructure need in the region by the Gladstone Region Community Development Committee (GRCDC) and Gladstone Region Social Infrastructure Development Plan.

Establishing Fast & Reliable Telecommunication

Fast and reliable telecommunications infrastructure is fundamental for doing business and enabling economic growth in the Gladstone Region.


The Gladstone Region is well positioned to support development in agribusiness especially in value add industries such establishing containerised freight and cold storage facilities. The Gladstone Region also has potential to develop live cattle exports capabilities.