Skill shortage across various occupations is an Australia-wide economic inhibitor. In regional centres such as the Gladstone Region, demand for highly skilled and specialised workers are at times greater than local labour market supply.

The Australian Government through the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection offer skilled migration visas as part of a suite of initiatives to alleviate labour market shortages in Australia.

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187) (RSMS) is designed to help employers recruit the right workers when labour conditions can’t service demand. RSMS enable businesses to employ temporary residents who current live and work in Australia or workers intending to migrate to Australia.

GAPDL plays an important role in one of the various migration visa options and can assistant businesses in this process as the Recognised Certifying Body (RCB) for the Gladstone Region and Banana Shire. The Gladstone Region is proud of its growing culturally diversity and value the economic contribution of skilled migrants seeking to live and work in regional centres.

Skilled Visas

Detailed information on skilled visas options can be found by visiting the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.