Grow Your Business

Partnering with GAPDL provides your business with greater opportunities for additional exposure through marketing, media and networking opportunities, and also allows access to our extensive network of members, which helps local businesses to develop and in turn build the Gladstone Region into a stronger economy. You will also get the chance to be a part of the regional representation that GAPDL leads across the region.

GAPDL will connect you with likeminded people providing you with the opportunity to participate in the prosperity, growth and promotion of this Region.  Partnering with GAPDL also gives you increased awareness, understanding and knowledge of projects, activities and issues facing the region through regular communications and functions.

Top 8 reasons to be involved

  1. Opportunity to be involved in targeted international, domestic and local cooperative marketing campaigns
  2. Access to brochure distribution in Visitor Information Centres
  3. Opportunity to display a business listing on key destination websites ( and
  4. Invitation to attend industry networking events
  5. Business development opportunities, through workshops and mentoring
  6. Contribute to the economic prosperity of our community
  7.  Tap into the 50,000+ visitors that come through the Visitor Information Centres each year
  8. Stay up to date with the latest industry news and discover new opportunities for your business

*benefits vary depending on membership level

Membership Packages

GAPDL’s membership packages, pricing and benefits are outlined in our Membership Prospectus. We are sure there is something to suit your business needs!

Download our Membership Prospectus 2019/20.

Ready to join today?

Simply download, fill out and return the application form.

By contributing to our organisation through partnership, you are helping us to:

Market, promote and develop the Gladstone region nationally and internationally

Attract new investors, visitors, business and major events to the Gladstone Region

Market Gladstone Region and the Southern Great Barrier Reef through a variety of marketing activities

Approach government and industry bodies to open discussions or advocate for possible major projects

Provide services to all members such as the Business Support, Information Services & Communities for Children

Networking Events and Workshops and much more!