Gladstone Area Promotion & Development Ltd (GAPDL) is recognised by the Queensland State Government as one of the 13 Regional Tourism Organisations responsible for promoting the Gladstone Region to both the domestic and international markets.

Tourism and events in the Gladstone Region contribute $670.2 million of direct and indirect expenditure to the local economy and support an estimated 6,222 jobs (year ending June 2013).

Tourism is recognised as a significant contributor to employment and the future prosperity of Queensland emphasising the need for a whole-of-destination approach to marketing and destination development in order to achieve and deliver upon the target of increasing annual overnight visitor expenditure across Queensland to $30 billion by 2020.

GAPDL have led the development of a Destination Tourism Plan (DTP) to provide the definitive direction for tourism and events in the region towards 2020, highlighting the key projects, enabling actions and partnerships required to achieve the 2020 target and create a sustainable and competitive tourism and events destination.

Destination Tourism Plan

Click here to download the Destination Tourism Plan brochure.